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Spring Psychology

Spring PsychologyYou are like a SPRING. A spring is an instrument which will come back to its original shape, the moment you release it. Mere pressing will not create any difference to the spring's existence. Ultimately, it is shaped like that which is bound to bounce back.

Spring PsychologyDon't consider spring any other ordinary instrument. It is a vital platform for many a machine. Its uniqueness lies in flexibility. Its USP is enshrined in adjusting to any situation as per the requirement. The moment the adversity is over, it revitalizes itself. It temporarily allows the pressure to mount over it, only to bounce back with renewed intensity.

You must also mould yourself in the same manner. Failure would exert insurmountable weight on you and the onus will lie on your will-power and character to deal with it. The ferocity of the setback will be suffice to drag you all the way to extinction.

And, it is the testing times only which sift out the chaff from the grain, chalk from the cheese and men from the boys.

Spring PsychologyYou must think of failure and defeat as the spring-boards to new achievements or the next level of accomplishments. It is best to have failure marking its debut early in life.

It wakes up the mythical creature phoenix in you, so you rise from the ashes.

Ditto goes with you too. You are sometimes suppressed immensely by the fate and the tribulations, often to the hilt. The clouds of dejection encircle you, leaving no escape route. You feel as if you are a minuscule pawn in the hands of the merciless fate.

At this juncture, the elasticity of the spring inside your soul and mind is required to come to the fore. Remember, even adverse winds may drag the ship in the destined direction thus, proving to be a blessing in disguise.

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