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Lollipop Theory

Lollipop TheoryFailure is a Lollipop

Lollipop TheoryThe more you suck it rapidly, the shorter it becomes and vanishes.

Isn't...Let's check it out, how ?

I have not come across a person who has not sucked a lollipop (a candy with a stick) ever in his lifetime especially during childhood. Lollipop is a unique candy in the sense that you can see its step by step diminutive size as you go on sucking. The more rapidly you suck, the quicker it meets its end. But sometimes, as it is said, softer and steadier the approach, prolific are the results. But if the process of sucking the lollipop is not carried on in the requisite manner, it results in its break-up putting the identity of lollipop in jeopardy.

Lollipop TheoryIn the resembling view, life is a lollipop. You have to absorb the essence of life a la lollipop from unwrapping it to the end of the candy. On the way, you have to take the ups and downs in your stride and go on absorbing. Believe it, you will be counted and featured apart from the crowd.


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