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Funda of Comfort Zone

Funda of Comfort Zone

The only thing required to be done by you is to hold on the fort. Never lay down your arms. Not even contemplate to avoid the battlefield. A host of comfort zones will attempt to appeal vigorously to you to adopt them.

Funda of Comfort ZoneThe beauty of comfort zones is that they appear to the victim as a soothing balm and indeed they are. The process of slipping into the comfort zone is as smooth as slipping downward on the slope. No extra effort is required. After all, you were in desperate need of crutches and comfort zone is the best one and the most appealing one too. Such is the might of comfort zone that it will chase you even if you avoid it in the first instance. Who does not want to lead a comfortable and hassle - free life? Struggle is fine but only what is necessary and can not be done away with. After all, you are toiling for what?

Not to keep on toiling! You earnestly and desperately desire to ENJOY life to the hilt. You are prepared to wait, bid time and accumulate the essentials which are requisite to see you through.


Funda of Comfort Zone Funda of Comfort Zone
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