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Change of GOD Business

Change of GOD BusinessThere is a possibility that God might be having some gargantuan plan for you. He just intended to make you involved in your struggles to develop you as a mentally tough creature. The divine plan is indeed mysterious. It can't be comprehended with ease. That's why we are humans and bound by limitations.

God is well aware of our desires, ambitions and goals. If he denies something, a better one may be in the offing for us. The underlying brainteasers are the silent images of God. We shout at our chosen God and often
ditch one God for the other one.

Change of GOD BusinessIt is a concept which comes into vogue in our lives when we are not satisfied with the “services” provided by the existent God. We often tend to change the Divine image by replacing one type of God with another. Sometimes this hilarious step is taken in anger and sometimes calculatedly. Or the choice goes for that divinity which is a fad concurrently.

Change of GOD BusinessAbsolutely infantile, bratty and ludicrous.

But when even the enhancement of bribes and inducements to God are not producing the desired outcome, what is the way out for an ill-fated, hapless and poor human being ?

Let’s Change the God. May it work. Even if it does not, never mind. Nothing can be degrading than the failures which, in any case, have made us their buddies.

This sort of extra-curricular activities will lead you to nowhere. Your tunnel will always remain composed of darkness with not a shred of light even at the end of it.



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