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Accountability of GOD for our Failure

Accountability of GOD for our Failure

Do you know why we believe in God?
Do you know why we blindly trust God?
Do you know why we bribe God?

We should ask ourselves - Can we really establish the accountability of God for our defeats, for our setbacks in any field?

  • Is God really responsible for our follies?
  • Is God really susceptible to bribes ?
  • Is God really listening to you?
  • Is God really bothered about us?
Accountability of GOD

Accountability of GOD for our FailureOr


This question raises its head when we are trampled upon by destiny.

  Sometimes we ask why GOD is continuously ignoring Us & continuously favoring others.  

It is indeed interesting when you are the hopeless spectator of others being tasting success uninterruptedly. And what irritates and hurts you more is that in your eyes, they are less deserving than you in every aspect. They seem to you as Smiling Assassins who raped you with your consent and got away.

MJ is the live victim of all this. You must be asking, who MJ? MJ is a common man who is toiling hard for years and tasting failures. Often he fights with God and questions His credibility. His constant complaint may be called a monotonous one which is the questionable and unjustifiable success of those before his eyes whom he thinks as the least deserving.

Is it right that we should challenge the achievement of others?

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